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Title: Safety bubble 2020

Post-COVID lockdown in Aotearoa, I was in the process of creating new digital design concepts for an annual festival in Auckland. The concept was designed for public engagement and interactivity through mobile devices. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, the nation quickly moved into a Level 4 lockdown. Despite this, I remained resilient and continued creating augmented reality art while also juggling work meetings, university classes online, and family life. All the research and experimental testing had been done throughout 2017 -2019.

The “Isolation Bubble” series was inspired by our experience of being isolated and adapting to a new way of life under strict social distancing regulations and staying within our safety bubbles.

The series features playful face filters with amusing names, accessible to users worldwide. Users can access, activate the lenses, and create their own videos by simply hitting “play”. The collection of face filters is live and can be used from the comfort of your own home.

Title: Safety Bubble 2020

Title: Bobble You, Sour Melon and Jitter Gels

While I continued to create during isolation, I have great and exciting news: I recently became an official lens creator for Snap’s Lens Studio. Click on the lens creator badge at the top of the page to access the available filters. Feel free to try them out, have some fun, or even if you’re just checking in on me. Take a look at the lenses and enjoy the updates.


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