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Being intuitive in my creative process has allowed my works to evolve and take on their own forms. Through the act of making, I realized that this series has augmented my childhood nostalgia, capturing the sweet memories of summers in the early 90s growing up in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. The experimentation with digital materiality and spherical and geometric formations pushes the boundaries of augmentation, creating engaging experiences that enhance our visual perceptions in real-time and real-world environments. The themes of my designs have a tendency to naturally evolve and gravitate towards certain subjects, and all of my augmented sculptures and face filter designs are available for use on my platform. Lens Creator Profile.

Augmenting the Spherical & Geometric

The fun-sized and bite-sized candy Skittles, an all-time childhood favorite, inspired the fantastical design of the “Skittles Candy Ball”. The playful and nostalgic qualities of the rainbow-colored bite-sized candy have been captured in the design. Through the addition of behavior scripts to the materials, I was able to attach and combine spheres and geometry, merging and integrating them to create movement and separation between the two.

Popsicle Jam – Inspired by Tip tops ‘splash’ flavoured ice block & ‘Nebulax’ face filter.

Created this video at the Hamilton Gardens after coming out of Lockdown.


Topiary Ball – My appreciation for mother nature and its natural forms, the gardens topiary ball is playful and fun in its design, I wanted to experiment with something that will be more organic using colour to represent that in the augmented design, using it in real gardens to test its functionality and usability. My concern is within tracking and reflective surfaces, with just the pinch of your fingertips on the screen you are able to adjust its size placement and have a full view of its 360 design.

Bubble Bounce August 2020

Creativity during the levels of covid, wearing masks and staying local to document the AR bubble series.

We made the Bubble Bounce Video during the lock down period when it was safe to take walks for fresh air, we took the time to create some new videos to test out the designs!
Mystic Air Bubble August 2020

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