Sydney Modern-AGNSW


We were invited to be part of the amazing Pasifika program coordinated by Leo Tanoi a huge amount of alofa, love and appreciation from both Allen and I. Wrapping up the year 2022 with the opening and closing celebrations of the New Sydney Modern building – AGNSW.

The talanoa had taken place in the Nelson Meers Foundation Hall as part of the closing ceremony, we had our new generative Ai (artificial intellegence) work showing throughout the day, Ai has been quite the controversial topic of discussion on the art scene. It was a very special time for both Allen and I, we had a great time talking about our individual practices our journey from artist backgrounds into technological mediums and how I evolved seamlessly into AR international scene as a creator, designer and developer.

It was the perfect opportunity to unpack more of the good the bad and the ugliness that comes with the territories of the Blockchain and NFTS as artist, designers, developers of the Moana. Sharing our lived experiences of how we navigated our way through our personal research, listening into the spaces and joining many different other minority community groups. The process for everyone will always be different, our lived experiences allows us to unpack and share the knowledge that we have gained, our views and the values we are not willing to compromise to be part of the over saturated and in the now market.

Our interest in NFTS has been more then just creating a new revenue stream for ourselves, we approached it with the same process of how we would treat our physical and digital artifacts, with care respect and value. It is not news that some practices within the NFT communities can be very toxic which I mention and talk more about in our talanoa. Its been a rewarding experience for both of us to be able to take the time to breath through what has been a very busy and epic year we are truly grateful and humbled by every experience and those that are yet to come.

Leo Tanoi – Moderator, Katrina Iosia + Allen Vili aka Onesian


Meet the extremely talented dynamic duo Katrina Iosia, the leading woman in Augmented Reality art, design and development, a Pacific woman in creative technology. Allen Vili also known as Onesian, a visionary, multidisciplinary artist and Creative technologist within experimental arts that push the boundaries of the imagination.Together they join us to share their lived experience through navigating their way in unknown territories within technology and ongoing research into NFTS. We sit down and unpack the amazing work they have designed and created, and the controversial great debate of Ai as art and the extended realities.

TITLE – Materialism 2022

I used generative Ai as a medium to create the Ai animation sequence as an experimental series for materialism. I developed a process using descriptive words for materiality over the span of my arts career to compliment the work and not compromise it. Here are some of the images.

Right Ai 2022 – Left Materiality Paintings 2016

This sequence shows the morphing of materials, on the left created using AI, and to the right is the physical large scaled paintings, its a long way to go however I say its not bad for the first of its series for digital materials generated by the power of AI.

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