Demystifying the Blockchain and NFTS….

My journey into NFTs and learning about blockchain technology started out of curiosity. I saw it as a potential new stream of revenue, a new medium, and a form of digital preservation for storing digital artifacts. I conducted extensive research by listening to conversations in community spaces, taking my time to discuss my findings with others. This involved joining Discord groups and learning more about curated spaces as opposed to oversaturated marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. Now, as an artist, practitioner, and digital designer, I am sharing my personal experience with others, particularly as a person of color (POC), and how I navigated through the different spaces in the NFT world.


When I first began exploring blockchain technology, there was limited support for AR NFTs. It took a lot of research to understand where, how, and what limitations existed within the market. I was not worried about whether there was a market for AR NFTs, I just wanted to know if it was possible and if any of the curated spaces had the support to make it happen and evolve. Here are a few examples of the NFTs that I have minted on various NFT platforms.



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