I was fortunate to be part of the Digital Art Month in Paris, it was my first ‘AR’ exhibition to be part of, the design I submitted is titled, Peach Bubble Gum.

I also had a live chat which you can find the link here.


The shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter went 🔥 LIVE August 31st, 2021 @SnapAR the title is inspired by its constant use in my experimentation, it’s taken on a few different faces, including materials to create a plushy version. Now animated for some playful use 🔥 #animation #3Danimation #AR #augmentedreality

It was an absolute honor and privilege to have one of my AR designs NOMINATED at this year’s #Lensfest2021🏆 for the ‘ART & EXPRESSION’ Award alongside the amazing creators that have inspired my #AR journey. Congratulations 🥳 @salliasnap 🦾🏆 an awesome win! #augmentedreality.

Nomination Video Live Lens Fest 2021

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EXPLORATION OF WIREFRAMING – Experimenting with the idea of traditional weaving within digital materiality. (Snapchat) larger than life scale, shadows, and animation to create velocity and weight in the objects.
CANDIED RIBBON 2021 – Expanding and developing, content for multiple sculptures, to create a more interactive experience. ( Adobe aero)
THE SHAPESHIFTER ADOBE AERO 2021 – Experimenting more in adobe aero AR with materials, tracking, shadows.
MATERIALITY AR 2021 – Was created in SparkAR experimenting with materials and how materiality responds and working on the animation. Understanding how Spark assets work, the limitation of my designs. This is the first AR lens I made in Spark and is available on Instagram.