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April 2022 – Earlier this year I was invited for an interview with Maori TV, to be part of the Rerehua Series – of collective creatives to share briefly my creative practice as a Multidisciplinary artist and AR designer and developer, and the work in the ‘SOUTH VERSED EXHIBITION’.

The AR-tist behind the AR-t The concept of the design is a large QR code and the significance of the pandemic and the negative stigma that was attached to our Pasifika people and community of South Auckland. This was an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive through creating an Augmented reality experience, in the heart of Otara, South Auckland. I added a time line of my AR work that has been significant to my career thus far, from the first design, including the work that was part of the CADAF Paris exhibition, to its most current one Bubble Sea part of the WWF Whales Tale exhibition held in Tamaki makaurau (Auckland). The work was fully powered by AR to create a mixed reality experience, sharing the adventure of playful designs, you scan the QR code and immerse yourself into the feature wall as a photo booth to create videos and take photos.

You can watch the full interview here.

Here is the behind the scenes footage, of the lived experiences to be a pivotal part in ‘herstory’ here in Aotearoa, using technological mediums to develop my creative practice that continues to push all the boundaries of what my work could be.


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