AR – Series 4

I’ve since started creating more of my own mesh in a digital program, based on the organic forms, as intuitive as it is to create I am able to sculpt an object as if it were digital clay its malleable and provides characteristics once the digital layers are added.

From creating orbs that are bulbous and jelly-like features to the geometric and spherical combination that I still experiment with and explore the notions of contrast while continuing to push the boundaries.

I entered this design into a creative brief by Talenthouse, and I was stoked to be selected as 1 of 15 x AR artists to be selected. The title Matapa Chasm, its a representation of my culture and the coral landscapes of Niue Island, the image inside is an existing textural painting that was created in 2016. The jello orb that surrounds the coral ball acts as a protective barier which pays tribute to coral bleaching and its effect on the environment especially on Niue being the largest coral atoll in the world.

I reimagined older paintings and how they could be represented in augmented reality, using them as a material and applying it to the many different objects I have now. This is the first painting I decided to test and the outcome is perfectly accurate to how I imagined bringing this painting to life in digital space.


Textural Painting by Katrina Iosia

Oceanic Star 2020

Cake like coral peaks and star fish hybrid, reimagined using this painting.


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