This series of works was inspired by realigning myself and reconnecting to ‘the self. I remember a lot of my earlier works created during my university years became more focused on materiality and learning how to ‘Deconstruct to reconstruct a series of painterly sculptural works.

CONNECTEDNESS – This is part of an ongoing collective series that explores the traditional forms of Niuean Hiapo ( Bark, Tapa Cloth). Looking at revitalization and rehydration and how that reconnects me to ‘The self. Taking time to disconnect from a busy lifestyle to reconnect by giving back to the self, through rehydration, revitalization, and reimagining new therapeutic work(s). I enjoy the art of augmentation and materializing the world and environments that surround me. Keeping the design simple yet effective in a simple storytelling way.


Building ‘The self’ portrait assets.


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