Augmented Reality Powered work:

Is an augmented reality-powered work that invites you into the timeline of her journey it showcases the pivotal designs of her career thus far. The design provides an ‘in-between’ space between the physical and digital worlds for viewers to shift between the two.

Friday evening before opening Checking all SNAPCODES are in working order!


SOUTH-VERSED is a self-curated group exhibition with work by eight artists These artists were brought together as part of the Ōtara ‘Scorpions For Life’ Mural project which celebrates local culture and community through newly commissioned artworks. 

The Scorpions For Life Murals will be blessed and launched at the local Ōtara Scorpions Multisports Complex, Ngāti Ōtara on Saturday 16th May 2022 following the launch of SOUTH-VERSED.

SOUTH-VERSED platforms the art practice of these artists whose intentions are to share their work with the local community of Ōtara, South Auckland, and the wider community. 

The exhibition includes a diverse range of artistic platforms digital art, painting, live mural-making, augmented reality, sculpture, moving images, and music. 

(Below is the video of the augmented reality being activated in the space.)