I was fortunate to be invited to be part of the project, my dad’s ties to the old league club playing alongside my uncle in 1975/76. I was commissioned to create the Augmented reality feature, which is the Otara Scorpions Crest.

As a collective group of amazingly talented creatives, we had the opportunity to also have a SOUTH VERSED exhibition that was held at Otara’s Fresh Gallery.


Tony Buford, Mose Eteuati, Jesse Gibson, Kat Iosia, Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi, ‘Ahota’e’iloa Taotu’u, Faleata Ualesi and Uelese Vavae

Exhibition dates: 9 April – 28 May 2022

SOUTH-VERSED is a self-curated group exhibition with work by eight artists brought together by the Ōtara Scorpions For Life Mural 2022. The title combines three concepts:

SOUTH ref. South Auckland, South Pacific, South-centric, South Sovereign

VERSED def. Experienced, skilled in; knowledge about a subject

VERSE adj. adoption ref. Metaverse; a topical issue of interest to the artists

I sat down with my dad shortly after the opening and nearing the closing of SOUTH VERSED Exhibition to have a chat about his memories.

He’s always been a proud OG Scorpion from the 70s.

Here is the Augmented reality Otara Scorpions Crest. That I am so proud to have made, a contribution to the club, project and a tribute to my dad.


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