HIAPO (Niuean Tapa Cloth) – Is a traditional Niuean cloth made in a process using the inner bark of the paper mulberry flower tree, the bark is then pounded flat with a wooden ike (beater) on an anvil, that is usually made of wood. The hand-painted motifs derive from the flora and fauna of Niue island. My work is inspired by the tactile surfaces found on the foundation of the land and the beautiful array of tactile surfaces of the coral landscapes. In the 1880s Niues hiapo was known for its fine lines its new decorative motifs, its complex geometric designs, and spherical concentric circles, squares, and triangular forms.

Hiapo (tapa), Niue, c. 1850–1900, Tapa or bark cloth, freehand painting (Aukland War Memorial Museum

I wanted to design and develop an AR revitalized edition, to create a mixed reality experience. Hiapo Gardens is a blend of 2D illustrations inspired by the original motifs, that have informed the designs of 3D objects, taking the reimagined life forms of what they would look like. They were sculpted in VR (virtual reality) and applied animation to create a uniquely Pasifika-inspired mixed reality experience. This is the first iteration.

If you would like to experience the AR Garden for yourself download the Adobe aero app and scan the QR Code below


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