Two years ago I was tuning into TechweekNZ via zoom links to listen to Women in Technology. I said to myself one day I will be able to be one of those Women in Creative Technology. This year I had the awesome opportunity to be part of two events TechweekNZ. The first event, Tuesday evening at Depot Art Space, Devonport.


‘The Good The Bad and the Ugly of NFTS’.

Sharing a bit of insight into the lineage of my creative practice and the inevitable journey into the NFT market. My interests that have always involved research into creating Augmented Reality NFTs, and the research and development of the work.

Image: Slide from the presentation with the NFTS


Katrina Iosia ARtist, AR Innovator Pacific Woman in Leadership

‘The ARtist behind the ARt’


As an artist part of the amazing collective lineup of the SOUTH VERSED Exhibition, and the Scorpions For Life Project. I was invited to be part of the project.

I had the awesome opportunity to have my first official Techweek event ARtist, AR Innovator Pacific Woman in Leadership, where I shared the immersive power of AR through spectacles. It’s amazing how so much can change I remember doing my first official artist talk in 2018 as part of Artweek Auckland Artist in the Office it lasted exactly seven minutes including the Q&A so you can only imagine how short that was. Fast forward to 2022, the artist talked lasted a good 45 mins including Q&As. I have learned so much in my time in space as a practitioner ‘as technology updates so does the knowledge’ being adaptable has been a huge part of my journey into the wider digital ethos. h and the changes, especially with creative technologies of Augmented, Virtual and mixed realities.

As a materiality-based artist, it’s been a journey of materializing the environment around me and how I develop materiality through sound, particularly with the cultural traditional customs of Talanoa within the Va.

I am currently working on the design and development, of a NEW lens for spectacles.

‘Making the invisible, appear visible’

It’s looking deeper into the context, of developing ideas for collaboration through connected lenses.


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