Programs Coordinator – NorthSite Contemporary Art Gallery (Formerly Kickarts)

Programs, educator, project, arts and business manager, professional AR designer and developer, artist, creative technologist, experienced NFT creator dedicated to providing ethical practices and educational support within the NFT space for artist and designers.

Background Generative Ai – By Allen Vili (Onesian)


Bachelors in Visual Arts and Design (Unitec), Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching (UoA), Post Graduate Diploma in Design (AUT). Universities in Aotearoa (NZ).

Katrina Iosia is a Niuean artist and a leading woman in Augmented Reality in Aotearoa (NZ), working as both a designer and developer. Now based in Australia, her multidisciplinary practice spans from a materiality background to utilizing creative technologies. She has exhibited internationally {with CADAF, Paris and VMF Vancouver, Canada and has been part of numerous programs and initiatives, including the Digital Fellowship Partnership Program through Australia Council of the Arts, and CNZ, the Pasifika NFTs Pilot CNZ, and the Digital Moana Fellowship program, Ministry of foreign affairs and CNZ. In addition to her impressive achievements, Iosia’s innovative approach to art and technology has led her to create notable works such as an augmented reality experience for Air New Zealand’s launch of Matariki, the first indigenous holiday in Aotearoa, and an augmented reality mural and logo for Scorpions Rugby League Association, showcasing her versatility and expertise in the field of augmented reality. She has also been an ambassador for Snap Spectacles Augmented Reality-powered glasses and an official creator with Snapchat.

She has been exploring digital art through NFTs and was a panelist for the Pacific Summit 2022 (Wellington, NZ) and TechweekNZ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of NFTS. As a Pacific woman in creative technologies, Katrina is dedicated to sharing her personal experiences, knowledge and insights.

Katrina is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all artists and designers, particularly those of the Moana and other marginalised communities. They understand that the NFT market can be difficult to navigate, they may face unique obstacles when entering this space. To address this, Katrina offers resources and support that prioritises the needs and experiences of Pasifika and First Nations artists.

Furthermore, the emphasis and the importance of protecting personal information and intellectual property in the world of NFTs . She recognizes that the public nature of blockchain technology can make it difficult to maintain privacy, and she provides guidance on strategies to safeguard personal information and maintain control over one’s intellectual property.

Her work with NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a testament to her innovative approach to art and her ability to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Being experienced in the world of NFTs and their potential for artists. She is passionate about using NFTs to explore digital art and the role of preservation and technology in the art world. With her knowledge and expertise.

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Katrina is always available for collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about AR, VR, Mixed Reality and NFT workshop delivery for event’s don’t hesitate to reach out. https://katrinaiosia.com/contact/


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