MakersPlace Ai NFT Exhibition

‘Funfetti’ – Ai NFT listed on MakersPlace 2023

Creating digital materials that compliment the rich lineage of my arts practice(s). This series is experimental and inspired by my sculpted 3D paintings and the transformative knowledge through the various mediums that I have continued to interweave, into digital spaces through creative technology and extended realities. Listed here if you would like to purchase!


“I recently became a creator with MarkersPlace and minted my first experimental generative AI NFT. Only 19 days later, I was thrilled to learn that my work had been selected for the AI exhibition!”

“I am very excited to be participating in the Playlist Exhibition for AI (Artificial Intelligence) NFTs. With AI at the center of controversy and the ongoing debate about whether it can create real art, this promises to be a fascinating event.” –

This is an art playlist featuring creations using artificial intelligence technology curated by Georgia Andre, a technopositive art-lover on the MakersPlace team.

What’s possible with a new form of creative play unlocked? Playlist takes a technopositive stance on artificial intelligence celebrating the experimentation with new technology and tools that catalyze the artistic process.

This curation features art intertwined with artificial intelligence and also imagination. What is made possible by this artistic dance between the creator and the machine? How can art-making assistance processes generate something original and engaging? It seems creatives will continue to explore this new frontier and our conversation will deepen.

Providing a little context around the work. The physical sculpted 3D painting from 2016 close up 2023 – from my studio 2016 (2100 x 1800mm). The Ai version 2023!


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