Katrina Iosia Sipeli

‘Funfetti’ – The Unconventional Pillow (40 x 31 x 6 cm) November 2017

Katrina Iosia Sipeli is a New Zealand born Niuean artist who also works as a self employed cake decorator. Iosia Sipeli has graduated with a Bachelor of Design and Visual arts majoring in Painting and Sculpture, she has just completed her Post Grad dip in Secondary Teaching.
Her works explore aspects of cultural heritage and family connections are progressed though a process of self reflection that enables experiences to evolve in the works. Her playful use of  pattern and colour are all employed in attempts to arrive at new discoveries. Cake decorating skills and equipment are used in the labour intensive application of mixed media. Her unique styles produce an array of lines and patterns that create sumptuous and tactile surfaces.


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